TUNG´S ACUPUNCTURE: 162 Illustrated Prescriptions of Otolaryngology and Ophthalmology

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Discover the legacy of Master Tung and Doctor Hu Wen Zhi.
By Drago Goicovic



Integrating tradition and innovation in Tung Acupuncture: A scholarly perspective by Drago Goicovic

In the domain of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Drago Goicovic’s book marks a significant scholarly contribution, offering an in-depth analysis of Tung acupuncture with a particular focus on otolaryngology and ophthalmology. Drawing upon his extensive twelve-year tenure in China, which included a critical four-year clinical research period at the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Goicovic bridges the historical with the contemporary, providing an indispensable resource for practitioners and academics alike.

Central to this work is the legacy of Dr. Hu Wen Zhi, esteemed disciple of Master Tung and a pivotal figure in the revelation of previously undisclosed acupuncture points critical for the treatment of complex pathologies. Under Dr. Hu’s mentorship, Goicovic’s scholarship flourishes, blending traditional techniques with modern clinical applications.

A key feature of this text is the inclusion of precise and didactic illustrations by Pamela Di Meglio, which significantly enhance the educational value of the book. These illustrations facilitate the understanding and localization of acupuncture points, making complex practices more accessible to both seasoned acupuncturists and scholars new to the field.

This publication also delves into Goicovic’s innovative research on the treatment of thyroid nodules with Tung acupuncture, presenting a comprehensive study that underscores the methodology and findings pivotal to advancing TCM’s application in contemporary healthcare.

Goicovic’s contribution is a testament to the enduring relevance of Master Tung’s teachings and Dr. Hu Wen Zhi’s innovations. It is a scholarly work that not only pays homage to the rich heritage of Tung acupuncture but also advances the practice through rigorous research and clinical application. It invites a deep scholarly engagement with TCM, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of its potential to address complex medical conditions through a blend of tradition and innovation.

Embark on a journey of discovery with Drago Goicovic, guided by the insightful contributions of Dr. Hu Wen Zhi and the illustrative clarity provided by Pamela Di Meglio, to explore the depth and breadth of Tung acupuncture in a contemporary medical context17:09


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