162 illustrated prescriptions of Otolaryngology and Ophthalmology

Why read this book?

This is not just another Tung acupuncture book. The prescriptions detailed and illustrated here originate from the lineage of Dr. Hu Wen Zhi, one of the closest and most beloved disciples of Master Tung. Dr. Hu became his disciple at a very young age, in July of 1964. In fact, their closeness was such that he even lived in his master's house for a couple of years.

Master Hu was the first to unveil in his books a large number of points, more than three hundred additional to those already known, which unfortunately had not been recorded in any other public document.


His story: Who was master Tung My story


Who is master Hu Wen Zhi? The Tung family acupuncture system


What are the differences in Dr. Hu's system compared to other Tung acupuncture systems?


THYROID NODULES: My Thesis and Personal Experience


OTOLARYNGOLOGY: Prescriptions for common conditions: ear, nose, throat, mouth, eyes.


About the author

After a decade of intensive studies in China, Drago Goicovic achieved a Master's degree in Otolaryngology and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). His clinical training was completed at the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of TCM, renownedas the largest hospital for Chinese Medicine in the country. Notably, he was the only Westerner in his class.

In 2019, his experience was further enriched when he became a disciple of Dr. Hu Wen Zhi, himself a direct disciple of the esteemed Master Tung. This unique opportunity not only enhanced his medical practice but also endowed him with a deep understanding ofthe ancient techniques and philosophies of Chinese Medicine.